Our commitment to creatures and nature

It is our wish to provide professional assistence and service to all owners of exotic animals in order to steadily improve husbandry conditions. Furthermore, our veterinary expertise is also available to all zoological gardens, deer farming institions, and nature conservation projects employing wild animals in landscaping.

Zoological gardens

Today the focus of zoological gardens exceeds the sole presentation of wildlife. Preservation of genetic resources, educational programs, and research are the pillars of modern zoological institutes. Nevertheless, small institutions such as petting zoos remain immensly important - especially for small children growing up in urban surroundings.

Deer farming

Even though hunting is controversly discussed throughout society it is nearly impossible to produce meat more sustainably than by deer farming. Also extensive farming with endangered domestic breeds as well as deer farming are acceptable alternatives as compared to conventional animal production.


More and more national parcs and conservation projects make use of grazing practices that are in accordance with conservational efforts. Heck cows and the endangered Przewalski horses are examplary for species that provide valuable services for those commited to the conservation of nature .


Even if mankind can go on without them,

a piece of our vibrantly diverse world dies along with each species.


Dieter Braun 2015: Wild Animals of the North